Here are all the news items for 2018.

Guided walk with Friends of the Museum

Helen, our group’s Secretary, ran the first of this years guided walks today (Saturday 24th March 2018), with Phil a long standing friend and volunteer of Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery.

Helen and Phil took a group from the Friends of the Museum around 14 very different grave sites containing individuals who had all led quite unique and fascinating lives, showing the wealth of history contained within the cemetery. The individuals presented included a Mayor, an Actress, a Sports Woman with a Heroic Husband, 2 Chief Constables, a Train Driver killed in a tragic accident and a prominent Railway Steam Engine Designer to name a few.

The consensus, at the conclusion of the walk, was extremely positive and a very enjoyable experience was had by all. Helen was thanked openly for the hard work carried out researching individuals lives and preparing the presentations in her own time, for the benefit of the visitors.

We are running a number of ‘themed’ guided walks this year and if you would like to attend one of these, then please visit our events page for more information.

Signs of Spring

Perhaps Spring is not too far away after all. This photograph was taken yesterday at the cemetery.

Volunteer session milestone

Today’s Working Morning was the 100th volunteers’ work session at the cemetery since the formation of the Friends group. Regular monthly events began in April 2010 and have taken place every single month since then. In addition, four specially arranged litter picks have occurred in recent years. That makes 100 session overall! Quite a milestone, we think.

The wet weather didn’t deter the small but hardy band at today’s event. Litter picking and cutting back shrubs were the main activities.

We were pleased to note that Doncaster Council had replaced the burnt-out bin near to the Green Dyke Lane gate (see before and after photos). Thank you to all involved in making that happen.

Much less pleasing was the amount of dog fouling evident around the cemetery. It is in a worse state than we ever recall previously. If you see a dog owner failing to clean up after their pet, please report the incident to Doncaster Council on 01302 736000.

Great British Spring Clean event cancelled

Due to the adverse weather conditions, we have decided to cancel our planned litter pick this Sunday morning (4th March). It is unlikely that we would be able to even see the litter, let alone collect it!

Instead, why not come along to our next scheduled Working Morning, on Saturday 10th March? Please see our Events page for full details.

Good turnout on cold, wet and windy Working Morning

The wintry weather did not deter a hardy bunch of volunteers at today’s monthly Working Morning. Among the group were another two first-time helpers, Ruth and Vicky. They bring to four the number of debutants in the last three months.

Final tidying up was done after completing the Wildlife Corner at the bottom of the New Street boundary. Bricks and green waste recovered from that area were recycled to build hedgehog shelters. Sucker growth was removed and shrubs cut back near to the New Street gate. Finally, a litter pick of the entire site was undertaken.


A great morning’s work. Thank you to all who took part.

Wildlife Corner work completed

The ‘installation phase’  of our Wildlife Corner project has been completed. Volunteers from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) finished cultivating the area and then planted hundreds of young plants on Thursday. If the new plants have a good spring and summer, we should see much of the slope covered in wildlife friendly vegetation by the end of this year. Our grateful thanks go not only to TCV, but especially to Greggs Foundation, who funded the project via an Environment Grant.

Pickering grave cleaning

In an action-packed day at the cemetery, as well as the Wildlife Corner project being commenced, we also saw further stone cleaning on the Pickering grave. Our friends from Victoria Cross Trust and Stone Revival continued their work on the memorial to William and Alice Pickering. Their DOFF pressurised steam system was used to clean years of grime away from the stonework. There could, however, be a further visit to remove the more stubborn deposits, using the alternative TORC system.


Wildlife Corner underway

Yesterday The Conservation Volunteers – TCV began their work on transforming the sorely neglected south western extremity of Hyde Park Cemetery into a wildlife friendly corner. Helped by Andy, Nigel and Richard from Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery, the team had a very productive first day. Litter and rubbish were cleared, low value vegetation was removed and much of the 120 sq. metre slope was dug over. On Thursday the remaining area will be cleared and new wildlife-friendly shrubs will be planted. The photos show progress from the start to the finish of this first day. We are indebted to Greggs for their Environmental Grant to fund this work.


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