Students recovering from gardenning, and a poignant spot where we discussed the events of 75 years ago in Normandy, a topic they had been studying at College.

Students from the Communciation Specialist College (part of Doncaster Deaf Trust), along with staff members have been helping us keep the cemetery tidy. The students are all studying horticulture and needed somewhere to practice their skills, and so they spend a morning each week in the cemetery during term time.

We are very grateful for any help we can get, and this interaction is even more special to us as it gives us an opportunity to help these young people develop, and the link with the Communication Specialist College is really valuable to us.

So far they have tidied around the Cross of Sacrifice and edged the grass areas, weeded the flower beds at the entrance and created another planting bed in which, they have planted 6 Lavender bushes and layered this with bark, to hopefully keep the weeds at bay.

Their parents and the College have kindly given us permission to post their photographs, and here are a few of them from the past few weeks.

More photographs can be found on our gallery page – Gallery.