Earlier in the year we applied to the Woodland Trust who were running an initiative to plant as many trees as they can in 2019. This is part of their ‘Big Climate Fightback’, as trees play such an important role helping keep our planet alive. Read more here.

The trees we want to plant will also provide natural corridors for nature to thrive in, as well as making the cemetery even more beautiful than it already is.

We were successful in this initiative and we will be receiving the 270 saplings early in November. We intend to plant them all in the cemetery on Saturday the 30th of November starting at 9.30am. Meet us at the Carr Lane, main entrance, a few minutes before 9.30am on the 30th if you want to get involved, and if you have a garden spade then it would be useful to bring that with you, along with gloves, stout shoes/boots and wearing suitable clothing.

If you want to know more then please contact us at: info@fohpc.org.uk.