Grave Finder Service

Terms and conditions updated 16th September 2020

UPDATE 20.2.2021

We have temporarily closed grave finder enquiries. With difficulty accessing records and our work on the Joe Duddington appeal, we feel this is the best decision. We will reopen enquiries as soon as it is feasible for us to do so.

Thank you for your support!


Are you looking for an ancestor or relative who you think is buried in Hyde Park Cemetery, but you have no idea where?

Perhaps you know where your ancestor is buried, but would like to know about who else shares their grave, where they all lived at their time of death and their occupations, etc.?

Then you need the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery’sGrave Finder Service‘. Here’s how it works…


Purpose of the grave finder service

Our purpose is to provide a detailed information Grave Finder report, including photographs and location, with plans and details of burial(s), in return for a fee payable to the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery (a not-for-profit voluntary association). A member of our team (all volunteers) visit the Doncaster Archives, and the cemetery, to carry out the necessary research to find your ancestor. We will then compile a comprehensive report, which will be sent to you via the option you have chosen.


What options are there, and how much does it cost?

We provide a comprehensive report with photographs (see terms & conditions below).

There are different levels of service that you will be asked to select, all priced well below the market rate:

  • Grave Finder report sent to you by email – £15
  • Grave Finder report in hard copy sent to you by Royal Mail – £17.50
  • IN ADDITION to the above – we can arrange a Grave Finder site visit with a member of FoHPC at a suitable time to you – £30
All monies donated through this service are used to assist our work to improve and preserve the cemetery.
We carry out the research in our own time at our own expense.

How to apply for a grave finder report

  • Download a Grave Finder application form as a Microsoft WORD Document to complete on your computer and email or post to us – click here
  • Print a PDF version of the Grave Finder application form to complete by hand and post to us – click here
  • NOTE: the previous online service has been removed due to technical reasons. If you have recently made an application by this process please contact us at:

Our research will commence once we have received the fee.

NOTE: You don’t need a PayPal account to pay using this option.



What the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery will provide (where available) – to view an example report click here
A Grave Finder Report comprising the following:
> The Section Reference and Plot Number of the grave in question.
> A transcript of the relevant entry in the Grave Register.
> A plan of Hyde Park Cemetery and a plan of the cemetery, with the grave in question highlighted.
> A minimum of two photographs of the grave or, if unmarked, its approximate location.
> Transcripts of the relevant entries in the Burial Register(s) for all persons buried in the grave in question, if it is not a Private grave (see Note 1, below).
> If the grave has an inscribed headstone or kerbs or similar, a minimum of one photograph of the inscription, if it is visible.

If you elect to do so and pay the relevant additional fee, the Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery will arrange for one of its members to meet the Requestor (or their representative) on site, at a mutually agreeable date and time, to point out the location of the grave in question.

Note 1: If the grave in question is a Public grave, then the only Burial Register transcript that will be provided will be the one relating to the person who is the subject of the Grave Finder application. Other people buried in the same Public grave are almost certain not to be related to that person.

Other Terms and Conditions
> The Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery cannot guarantee that the search will be successful, but the fee is non-returnable.
> The fee for the Grave Finder Report is payable in advance.
> The additional fee for a site meeting, if required by the Requestor, is payable in advance of the site meeting.
> The fee can be paid by cheque made payable to ‘Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery’ or online by using the PayPal ‘Donate’ button on the Home page.

Timescale – The Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery endeavour to provide the results from all enquiries within one calendar month of receipt of the application.


So why not give it a try? We’d like to help you solve that mystery!