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Apply to Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery for research to be undertaken to find a specific grave. We aim to respond within 3 days.
Please also include your title.
Include area code and if applying from outside the United Kingdom, the country code .
Please include your postcode. This should be the address you wish for any reports to be posted to if the 'Royal Mail Hard Copy' option is chosen.
How these names are spelt is important, so please be as accurate as possible. Leave blank if not known.
Please be as precise as possible with a maximum range of +3 years or -3 years.
Only select one option.
Examples might include: date of burial, last place of residence, maiden name as well as married name, nicknames, others buried in the same grave (names, dates etc), death registration information.

Note that FoHPC cannot guarantee that the search will be successful, but the fee is non-returnable.

Please now make your payment either by clicking on the donate button at the foot of each page and sending the respective fee, or send the fee by cheque, see below. We don’t carry out any research until we have received payment for this service.

If you choose to pay by cheque, ignore the PayPal page and make the cheque payable to ‘Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery‘. Post your cheque to the address below with a covering letter including your details and those of the deceased person you are enquiring about.

If at anytime you wish to change your payment option to PayPal, you can do so by using the donate button at the foot of our home page or below.

Friends of Hyde Park Cemetery, 
36, Furnival Road,
South Yorkshire,
DN4 0PJ.

If you require any assistance with your application please don’t hesitate to contact us using the email –